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As an experienced art transporter, Kroll Art & Projects is highly specialized in packing, storing, shipping and installing artwork.

We employ highly trained staff and transport your artwork worldwide using specially equipped vehicles. Our fleet of trucks are air conditioned and outfitted with hydraulic ramps. With a height of over 3m, we are able to transport even the largest pieces of art. Our team work with state of the art tools and equipment including forklifts and gantry cranes.

Our specialized art warehouse has over 3000 square meters of storage space. It is protected by an alarm system that is directly connected with a security service 24/7.

Kroll Art & Projects is a partnership company of
Kroll Internationale Spedition GmbH.  


years of experience


skilled employees


sqm high security art depot




KROLL ART & PROJECTS GmbH is a full-service company specialised in providing a comprehensive range of specific services for the art and the special events scene. Due to the sensibility of the objects to be transported, the particular consideration for the handling and transportation is of utmost importance.


KROLL ART & PROJECTS GmbH has been founded in October 2002 in Berlin as a sister company of Kroll Internationale Spedition GmbH, which has been marketing logistic services more than 80 years successfully.


Our clients are very diversified. They range from galleries and museums, to foundations and private collectors; for projects and special events from opera houses to rock&pop bands.


Although each of them is very different, they all have one in common: they rely upon the high-qualified services of KROLL ART & PROJECTS GmbH for the handling of their precious and partly irreplacable objects. It is our mission and of our employees to assure our customers by our personal commitment the safety of their belongings from point of collection till the handover and installment at the place of delivery.


Our pursue for continuous innovations and improvements result in an optimization of our services and our equipment. In this regard, we rely as well upon the professional advice of a curator or conservator to ensure the most secured crating, storage, handling and transport.



Fragen und Antworten zum Transport von Kunstgegenständen

On this page we want to provide detailed information about the specific characteristics of a qualified art handling company.

What is an Art Handling Company?

What kinds of service can I get from an Art Handling Company?

What is a "shuttle truck?"

How are shuttle transport prices determined?

How will KROLL ART & PROJECTS track my shipment?

What’s an "air ride" truck?

What’s a "climatized" truck?

Is temperature control important, and can I rely on it?

What other special equipment should I expect on an art handling truck?

Do all Art Handling Companies use these features in their trucks?

What’s the difference between soft packing and crating ?

Can I wrap my own items for transport?

What type of insurance can I get for my shipment?

Does insurance cover every occurrence?

What value should I declare?

How do I get an estimate for shipping?

What can I do to make my shipment go as smoothly and safely as possible?

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