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What kinds of service can I get from an Art Handling Company?

We are specialists in the entire bandwidth of challenges involved in the transportation of artwork and the wide array of services we provide to meet those challenges. What makes us stand out is our ability to offer quick and competent solutions to those challenges and problems.

We are there for you, please give us a call!

Please take a few minutes to view our website and learn more about Kroll Art & Projects as well as to see what features define a highly specialized art transport company.

Storage facilities

in city proximity


sqm high security
art depot


Packing and Crating Services

The essence of fine-art forwarding ist the appropriate packing. Following this principle, KROLL ART & PROJECTS GmbH installed an in-house workshop for the manufacturing of high-quality cases and transportation crates. Each crate is customized and designed in co-operation with our customers.


Particular attention is being paid to the interior of each crate ; only these materials are used which ensure the most protection from departure till arrival. At the end, the appropriate packing is being defined by our set of requirements for a secure and price-able handling and transport.


Whatever purpose or problem, our technicians will find the right solution. The on-site packing, handling and installation by our experienced technicians is for sure part of our services as well.

Storage of art objects

The type and size of the objects to be stored defines the requirements of our warehouse, which is characterised by:

  • appropriate storerooms

  • secured storage systems

  • climate-controlled storage,

  • security

  • confidentiality


Based on above criteria, we have selected and designed our storage facility accordingly. Tailor-made storage boxes and rack systems for paintings, sculptures and unusual shaped- objects empasize the professional character of our warehouse. It is centrally located in Berlin-Mitte, and the premises are secured for 24 hours by a video-control-system and a watchman.

Transportation and forwarding

The safe and efficient transport is being effected by our fine-art trucks, which are equipped to comply with all the necessary requirements for a secured transport. These include:

  • a two-men crew

  • specifically trained art technicians

  • air-suspension

  • air-conditoning

  • mobile phone, etc.


Major cities within Europe are being served on a regular base, enabling our customers to use this service for either dedicated or consolidated fine-art transportations. Kindly contact us for more details and for the next trucking schedules, as they constantly change.


Working with an international network of art transport specialists, we are able to offer you all-in-one door-to-door solutions for your project. No matter if you plan an entire exhibition migration or a single piece transport. Aerial and sea freight services are being handled by our partner company Kroll Internationale Spedition GmbH. Leaving the carrier selection to our own trusted agents, we can ensure a consistent level of high quality throughout the entire journey. For additional peace of mind, our security package offers a full transport and embarkation monitoring for any import and export. If desired, we can offer on-board courier service for urgent deadlines, too.

Customs Formalities

By each shipment beyond the European borders, the preparation of the necessary customs documents and formalities form an integral part of our forwarding services. The use of the best possible and most economic customs procedure is our main concern. For this reason, we organise the necessary documents, complete them and arrange the formalities at the customs offices and with the authorities. This procedure ensures us a prompt customs completion which contributes to the optimisation of the transport.

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